My Writings

I have always been somewhat of a shy writer.  I didn’t want to share something that I didn’t feel was completely finished and perfect.  The problem with that is none of my writings ever reach that pinnacle.  The truth is, no-one’s work ever reaches such perfection.  There is always a better word choice or a sentence that should have been left out and another that should have been included.  Writing is a never-ending process which can be torturous for someone like me who likes to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  I love writing, but I hate re-writing and editing which is comparable to a professional athlete who loves to play the game but hates to practice and work on drills.  Such an athlete would not stay professional for long, because like most things in life it all comes down to the basics.  So, consider my works here as an invitation to observe me at an open practice and feel free to offer any constructive criticism whenever you see me fumble the ball or consistently strike out.  With that said, I do hope that you will find some favorable sections that are actually a joy to read.  Thanks for visiting my open notebook.

Lay Speaking Sermons


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