Just Another Voice in the Crowd, Take 2

So, I can safely say my New Years Resolution from the first of the year can be chalked up in the Fail Column on my scorecard of life. I had promised to get back to writing on this blog and doing a better job of updating my reading list, writing book reviews and other things hopefully to be of interest to someone. It is 7 months later and I am just now writing my second post of the year. It is not because I have been lazy. Well, okay some of those days did include me being lazy – but not all of them. I have been doing quite a bit of reading, so there are many potential book reviews that I can (and should and certainly hope to) get around to writing. I have made quite a bit of progress on my personal Reading List Challenges. Yes, challenges as in plural. More to come about those lists in my next post, which I do hope will not take me 7 months to write.

Please read my post from January to get a sense of what I hope to accomplish with this site. And please forgive me for failing as I work on forgiving myself for failing in my prior attempt. Though the reviews will not be included right away, browse around the links to my reading list if you are in search of some books to read. Hopefully, you will find something there to whet your appetite. To see other people’s reviews and conversations about one that looks interesting, I suggest checking  LibraryThing. It is my favorite book-related social media site.

Don’t give up on me yet, as I have not yet given up on my dream of sharing my thoughts, ideas, and views with others. I may never write anything that is life-changing and profound, but I may say something or steer you to some book that may inspire you to your own personal “aha” moment that is life-changing for you. If that happens, then I can put a check mark in the Success Column on my scorecard of life.


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