A Cup of Coffee and a Cup of Grace

I enjoy starting off my day with a hot, bold cup of coffee.  It helps wake me up to the world around me and helps me be a little less grumpy throughout the day.  I said less, it does not always mean I won’t have a few grumpy edges.  Also, I love my Keurig single cup coffee maker that I got last year for Christmas.  By inserting a K-cup, which holds just enough coffee grounds for one cup of coffee, into the machine I receive a fresh serving of coffee each time.  No more pots of coffee languishing around growing stale and bitter at the Peeler household anymore.

Last Sunday morning, mom called while I was brewing my cup of coffee.  I noticed when I sat down at my desk that I could see through to the bottom of my black coffee cup.  I thought that was quite odd – usually black coffee in a black cup is not all that transparent.  I started investigating and realized that because of the distraction of talking on the phone I had not inserted a K-cup into the machine.  Now, all I had was a cup of hot sugar water.  Not exactly what I was hoping for and definitely not what I needed to wake me and prepare me for the day ahead.

Along with my cup of caffeine, I also try to start my mornings with a Bible reading and devotion.  I am ashamed to say I am not always as eager to approach this activity.  It’s not so much that I don’t want to do it, it is usually that so many other things are vying for my attention that I am often tempted to put the devotion on hold until later when I have a free moment.  But I have learned that if I don’t start my day with prayer and reflection that free moment never materializes.  There is always something else to do and that quiet time just keeps getting pushed down further on my daily agenda until the day finally runs out.

I have also learned that I pay a price when I allow that to happen.  Those days I am just like that hot cup of water – weak and  lacking in taste and boldness.  By taking a few moments at the start of the day to allow God to speak to me I am allowing him to insert his version of a K-cup into my heart and soul.  He gives me the grace and love I need for that day.  Not just for my needs but for those that I will encounter that day.  I cannot claim that even those days when I am faithful in my devotion time that I always make the right decisions, say the right things, or even share God’s love with those around me like I should.  But I am certainly more apt to do so.  I find it a little easier to be gracious to others because I started the day being reminded that there is one who loves me and who offers me grace for my shortcomings.

Whether or not you are a coffee drinker I suggest starting your day with prayer and reflection.  Drink fully and freely from the Cup of Grace that is offered to you.  Remember, the price has already been paid and there are free refills all day and everyday.