Back in the Pulpit

Many years ago I become a Certified Lay Speaker with the United Methodist Church.  This meant that I was able to fill in for a Pastor on Sunday morning and lead the worship service.  Although nerve-wracking, is was something I really enjoyed doing.  However, with school and work demanding all my attention I unfortunately let my certification lapse.  I do plan on updating as soon as possible.

On May 31st our Pastor was going to be out of town.  He asked mom to lead the service because she is now a Certified Lay Speaker as well.  Knowing my background he mentioned perhaps I might want to do it instead.  Since it had been years I didn’t feel quite up to doing the whole service, but was willing to deliver the message.  So, that Sunday mom and I did a “tag-team” operation with her taking care of everything else while I delivered the sermon. 

The message I choose to deliver was in a little different format than what most consider a typical sermon.  In fact it was a narrative, a story.  I had written it for a New Testament class I had taken at Gaston College.  The assignment was to take a story from the Gospels and pick out an un-named minor character that was mentioned there.  Then, we were to retell the story from that person’s point of view.  I chose to write mine about a fisherman, a contemporary of James, John, Simon, and Andrew.  This all resulted in 

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