Remembering D-Day (June 6, 1944)

Final Tribute

I know I am several days late on writing about this.  But the reality is any day is a good day to honor what happened on that day. 

Several years ago Robin and I visited The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford Virginia.  I know Bedford is not a place that usually ranks high on people’s list of places to visit or vacation.  It is a downside that this place is not in a higher profile location.  Yet, it was placed where it is because that town had the largest per capita death rate in the country due to the invasion. 

See this article to learn more about the Bedford Boys:

Although still in the works, this place left a lasting impression on me.  The layout of the memorial and the sculptures do a wonderful job of lending some insight into what happened on that fateful day.  The one area that had the most impact on me was the part known as the Landing  Beach Tableau.  While viewing the sculptures showing soldiers wading through water surrounded by obstacles there are pinging sounds and water splashing around them to simulate the perilous journey they had to endure.  Another inspiring sculpture entitled Scaling the Wall is also a great visual representation of the feats that were asked of the Allied forces that day.  Although I know that in reality I will never truly understand or appreciate the sacrifices made not only there, but throughout the war itself, I left with a greater sense of awe, appreciation, and sense of patriotism than I have ever experienced anywhere else.

Landing Beach Tableau

Wading Soldier

Soldier on the Beach

Scaling the Wall

Please visit the memorial’s website at and visit the Photo Gallery to see more stunning pictures.

As I said, it is (understandably) located in a somewhat out-of the way place; but, still I encourage you to try to find some time to plan a visit to this unique and remarkable location. In the larger scheme of things it is a small sacrifice in light of what these men had to pay.  Until then, as the article above mentions, the memorial is facing monetary problems at this time, so please consider sending a donation if you are able.  I know money is tight for many now, and I know everyone has their own causes they like to support, so if a donation is not within your reach or is not what you feel led to do, then at the least help me spread the word about this place.  Perhaps in that way someone with the means and ability will be able to help out.

Thank you for whatever you are willing to do regarding this matter.


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