Happy New Year

I know I promised to post more after exams, but the Christmas frenzy proved to be too much, not to mention I was a little under the weather as well. But now it is a New Year and one of my Resolutions is to stay on track with this project better.Speaking of resolutions, as you all know today is the day most people make promises about all the big changes they will undertake this year. I’m certainly not against resolutions, but I do hope that you keep in mind not to set yourself up for what you may perceive as a failure down the road. Set realistic goals and remember life has a way of intruding on what we may want as our ideal situation. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, but don’t get discouraged over every bump in the road either.

My main resolution this year is in regards to finance. I sorta set up a budget last year, at least to the extent I had a good idea of what all my major bills were and about when they were due. This year I’m going to re-focus on my Cash Spending. It is truly an eye-opening experience to discover where all that money goes in bits and pieces and how easy it is to really add up. If it’s not too embarassing I will share with you later on some examples of my thoughtless, and often wasteful spending.

Another resolution revolves around my daily Bible readings. I must admit I have been negligent in that department for some while. This year my approach is to read the Bible in chronological order. As it is arranged the books are not in order of how things occured, and this can often make things a little confusing if you just start at Genesis and read straight through. So, if you want to share the experience with me I am going to create a Page detailing the daily reading list. As time allows, I hope to share some of my insights or reflections on the readings as well. Classes start back January 12th so I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.

Happy New Year and may 2009 bring you Health & Happiness. Remember to cherish the time spent with Family & Friends.