Post Election / Post Thanksgiving Notes

Beyond the obvious thankfulness I have for my family, friends, and faithful canine companions, I am most thankful that the Presidential Election is now behind us.  The negative campaign ads barking from the t.v. set and the radio were really getting on my last nerve.  And I know I was not the only one.  I have heard the same sigh of relief from just about everyone else I talk to. 

Regardless of party affiliation or candidate choices we must now all remember to be thankful that our country and mode of government is one such that we can be assured of a peaceful transition of power between the two parties.  And that despite all the bickering, back-biting, and boastful rhetoric that comes from both sides of the aisles, when things reach a boiling point the American people can and will join together to do what’s best for the country as a whole.

With that in mind, I urge everyone not to become complacent just because the election is over and because many issues that were recently headline news may recede further into the background.  Our duty as citizens does not end on election day; instead, that is just a major stop along the way.  As the new year approaches I encourage you to pick at least one issue that is close to your heart, keep yourself informed of what those in power think and plan to do about it, and then share that information with family and friends and encourage them to get involved when vital decisions are being made.  I know it is quite over-whelming to try to stay on top of all the important local, state, and national issues.  I am pursuing a minor in Political Science and still find myself becoming bogged down in the minutae at times.  That is why we need to work together and keep each other updated.

Never think you can’t make a difference.  That is only true if you sit idly by on the sidelines. 


I have one more week of class and then have to survive final exams the next week.  I sincerely hope that my break between the two semesters will allow me time to focus on this blog, and get some pages set up on it that I have been planning on.  So please be patient and visit again soon.

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